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SUPERBRANDS 2015/16 for the Velvet Brand!


We have the great pleasure of informing you that the Velvet Brand received another distinction, this time Superbrands 2015/2016 and is in the top ten of leading brands in the Health/ Hygiene Products category.

The Velvet brand is the leader at the market of branded cellulose hygiene products in Poland; for almost 20 years, toilet papers, hygienic and universal tissues and kitchen towels have enjoyed trust of our consumers.

The Superbrands competition has been organised in Poland since 2004. Its objective is to distinguish leading brands that have accomplished spectacular market success. This is the only competition that analyses the position and activities undertaken by over 3,000 brands present at the Polish market (2,300 consumer brands and 700 business brands).

The analysis process encompasses two stages. The first one includes consumer studies conducted on a group of over 15,000 Poles who evaluate 2,300 consumer brands. The second one consists in evaluations of 40 experts from the Brand Council whose members include national experts in the area of marketing, advertisement, PR and branding. It is worth emphasising that invitation of a brand to the study is determined on the basis of a rigorous evaluation process; it is not possible to propose own participation.

Therefore, we are very happy with the distinction granted for the Velvet brand, which was distinguished by consumers and experts among other brands in the “Health/ Hygiene Products” category.