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Eco Agenda

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Ecology is a key concern at Velvet CARE. That is why we have created Eco Agenda 2025 – a map of the ambitions we set for our organisation in the coming years. The Agenda’s motto “Achieve more with less” means that we always want to strive for more, as progress is one of our core values. However, we wish to do it responsibly and with respect for the environment which we all live in.


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The three pillars of the Eco Agenda

Our Eco Agenda 2025 consists of pillars – areas around which we focus our activities.
The Product is the first pillar because our ambition is that our products should always be of the highest quality.
The second pillar is the Organisation because we demand the most from ourselves.
Inspiration is the third pillar, as we motivate both ourselves and those around us to become involved in positive change.

Eco information

Since its inception in 2013, Velvet CARE has continuously been setting and implementing ambitious goals. Our company is developing dynamically, yet with due attention paid to the natural environment in which we all live.

Our achievements

With the establishment of Velvet CARE, we have decided to always strive to achieve impressive results in all areas of our activity. We are proud of our achievements which are a solid groundwork for setting further ambitious goals.

Less plastic

We reduce the content of plastic in the materials that we use. Since the establishment of Velvet CARE in 2013, we have reduced this value by as much as 45%!


100% of the cellulose used in our plant comes from fully renewable forest resources issued with internationally recognised FSC® and PEFC certification.


The company strives to optimise the transport of raw materials in order to minimise the emission of harmful gases associated with the process.

Reduced consumption
of water

The water required for the production process is used several times, in an almost closed water circuit. Since 2013, we have reduced water consumption by over 52%.

Lower greenhouse
gas emissions

We have significantly reduced the emissions of harmful gases generated by the boiler plants in our factory. Thanks to new machinery, we have reduced SO2emissions by 98,9%, NO2 emissions by 82,9% and CO2 emissions by 48,8%.


We have expanded our equipment resources by investing in modern machinery (including a new paper machine and several new converting lines), complying with all applicable environmental standards.


Our brands (Velvet and Apsik) each year receive awards confirming their highest quality and relevance to consumer and trade expectations (including: Superbrands, Konsumencki Lider Jakości (Consumer Quality Leader), Hit Handlu (Trade Hit) and others.