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Economy products for every budget

Affordable prices and good product quality allow us to satisfy any type of customer or purpose.
A…PSIK tissues are the best selling tissues in Poland, while SZAST, PRAST kitchen towel have become a permanent feature on kitchen worktops in Polish homes. Our economy product range has also been enhanced with the soft, yet durable CLASSIC white toilet paper.

Classic Toilet Paper

Classic Toilet Paper is made of carefully selected white tissue paper. Each sheet contains two soft layers of tissue with attractive embossing. Available in convenient pack sizes with 8, 12, and 24 rolls.

Classic 12 rolls

Classic Toilet Paper is a product designed for the entire family. The large affordable packaging containing 12 rolls is an economical solution, especially for large families.

Classic 8 rolls

The Classic Toilet Paper was specially designed for those who love simplicity. Its white fragrance-free sheets consist of two soft and well-bonded layers.

Szast, Prast
Kitchen towel

Szast, Prast Kitchen towel is an incredibly long and economical two-ply GIGA roll. This product is ideal for everyday housekeeping chores for those who enjoy simplicity and look for economically-priced products.

A...psik! Handkerchiefs

A…psik! Handkerchiefs are ten colourful packs containing delicate three-ply tissues. Thanks to the soft tissue they are made of, they are perfect for any situation. A…psik! tissues is a product designed for consumers who appreciate the combination of product quality and affordability.

A...psik! Facial Tissues in box

A…psik! Facial Tissues contain 80 functional two-ply tissues enclosed in boxes covered with colourful and feminine graphic designs. A…psik! tissues is a product created especially for those who look for good quality and attractive pricing.

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