Our values


We foresee and react to the expectations of consumers and business partners, providing the best quality of products and services always and everywhere.

We place the consumers at the epicentre of everything we do, in the belief, that this is the only way to achieve long-term success.


We are constantly on the lookout for new routes to perfection, with development as part of our company’s DNA. We inspire each other and also our business partners to aim for it. We act quickly and effectively, setting trends and the directions of change.

We share our experience, as we believe in development which will bring benefits both in terms of business and in a wider, social setting.


We are one team, guided by the same values. We treat each other with respect and promote every aspect of diversity. We are responsible, honest and want to set an example to others.

At Velvet CARE, each and every employee can shape reality and the experience of our team, its know-how and innovative approach form the basis of the company’s competitive advantage. By learning from the best and appreciating their achievements, our goal is to encourage everyone to develop and create lasting value.


Our company is motivated by a spirit of entrepreneurship. We make every effort to operate effectively in business, and to provide our investors with profits.

We believe that economic efficiency enables us to meet even the most ambitious of challenges. It brings benefits not only to our investors, but also our employees and the communities we create.


We strive towards a balance between the natural environment, development of the communities we live in, and the business character of our activities.

Progress combined with a commitment to protect the planet is our driving force. Our long-term approach is aimed not only at adherence to the applicable standards but also at creating entirely new ones.

Velvet CARE’s development strategy, which complies with the natural resources conservation requirements, is included in our Declaration and Eco Agenda 2025 “Achieve more with less”.


We are building the future, drawing inspiration from over 120 years of history.
We have been striving for our goal step by step since 1897. proud of our successes and humbled by our experience.

Rooted in our regional and European identity, united around our fundamental principles with honesty and reliability first and foremost, we are passionate about creating permanent values. For us, here and now, and for future generations.