We inspire change for the better

The challenges we face as a society demand leadership. For this reason, we inspire change to protect the natural environment by boldly leading the way. Velvet CARE endeavours to restore ecological balance by starting with the tasks which we set for ourselves.

Our initiatives

We are the change!

At Velvet CARE, we are all ambassadors of change. “We are the Change” are actions and eco-initiatives undertaken daily by our employees with the proactive support of our organisation.

We share our knowledge

We continuously expand our knowledge on matters of supporting sustainable development and restoring ecological balance. We will not stop in our efforts, and we will continue to share our expertise with our employees, business partners and consumers.

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Working together for the Earth

We make sure that the activities carried out by Velvet CARE successfully address the tasks defined in our Declaration. Our campaigns, promotions and sales activities strengthen our commitment to protect our planet and contribute to our goals of sustainable development.

Responsible shopping

Velvet CARE aims to support making responsible purchases by inspiring change in the behaviour of buyers. We strive to encourage consumers to rationally plan their shopping and to choose products and distribution channels that reduce the environmental impact of transport. We also commit ourselves to providing tools and products designed for facilitating rational shopping planning.