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Our private label products
– partnership, development and satisfaction

As one of the largest producers of tissue hygiene products in Central and Eastern Europe, Velvet CARE, with over 120 years of history, also offers products sold under private label brands. Our customers include the largest retail chains in Europe. We supply products to multiple markets, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, England, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and the CEE countries.

As a fully-integrated manufacturer, we have two high-performance paper machines that produce the tissue paper used for our products. As a result, we are able to monitor product quality at each production stage. Our plant has as many as 14 processing lines, which manufacture products in 5 different categories.

The certificates we have been granted confirm our compliance with the highest standards of product safety (BRC CP, IFS HPC), while the ISO 9001 quality management system is proof that we maintain and continuously improve stringent quality standards in our company. Each year, we undertake nine system audits in addition to several special audits ordered by our clients.

We also have numerous certificates confirming the implementation of the principles of sustainable development and responsible forest management in the sourcing of raw materials, namely FSC® (C119667) and PEFC (PEFC/32-31-086).

By meeting these standards, we not only manufacture our products responsibly and with respect for the environment, but together with our customers and consumers we consciously look after our planet. Wanting to continue this vision and follow the predetermined development path, in 2020 we launched our ecological agenda known as Eco Agenda 2025.

Our decades-long history, also within the structures of international corporations and the Velvet brand, which has been present on the market for more than 20 years, confirms that we are expert in manufacturing high-quality hygiene products tailored to the diverse needs of our customers. For many years, Velvet CARE has launched innovative products, creating them and actively supporting their development. We like to share our knowledge on consumer trends and market requirements with our clients when designing new products.

Together, we create a product range for a specific market and a specific consumer, aiming to best respond to their individual needs. We offer advice and assistance in selecting the best product solutions. Our priority is partnership collaboration, long-term relations with our clients and mutual development.

Why work with us?

of the industry

More than 120 years of experience in the paper industry


Over 20 years of the Velvet brand as the category leader


Rigorous quality monitoring at every stage of the production process


Product safety and quality attested by certificates


Acting with full respect for the natural environment, Eco Agenda 2025 strategy


Unique product solutions

Product design

Products developed individually for the customer

Diverse product

Wide range of products in each category

5 product

5 categories of hygiene products

25 markets

Presence on 25 markets in Europe and around the world

Our products

Toilet paper

This strong and soft toilet paper comes in many varieties: it can be 2, 3 or 4-ply, there are several embossing patterns, different sizes and thickness of sheets, as well as diverse packaging formats. Always highest quality guaranteed.

Toilet paper with a floral pattern embossed – softness as standard

This soft 3-ply toilet paper with a floral pattern embossed guarantees cleanliness and comfort in any situation. Special limited editions can be achieved by choosing colourful flowers.

Toilet paper with an elliptical pattern embossed – softness and elegance

The softness and strength of the 4-ply paper and the optimum thickness and plushness guarantee exceptional comfort of use. The original and unique embossing pattern makes the product look great in any bathroom.

Toilet paper with a leaf pattern embossed – classic look attractively priced

This classic 2-ply toilet paper with delicate leaf embossing is suitable for those looking for good quality at an affordable price. Durable and pleasant to the touch, this product is sure to satisfy customers who appreciate cost-effective solutions.

Our product range is enhanced by special limited editions of toilet paper designed for various occasions and each season of the year. There are different fragrance variations, with the aroma of lavender, camomile or aloe vera, with colourful embossing, prints or added extracts of calendula, aloe vera or cotton.

Seasonal editions with added fragrance or printing







Moist Toilet Paper

A wide range of moist toilet paper made of biodegradable and flushable non-woven tissue paper. Special formulas of moisturising lotion with the addition of panthenol, aloe vera, camomile or lactic acid guarantee the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Velvet CARE manufactures moist toilet paper for children, fragrance-free products for sensitive skin and toilet tissue dedicated to feminine intimate hygiene. Moist toilet paper is a perfect complement to everyone’s daily hygiene routine, especially when used in combination with traditional paper or as an exceptionally effective hygiene accessory outside of home. The packaging is provided with a convenient lid to protect the product from drying out. All products are dermatologically tested.

Paper towels

Our extremely durable and absorbent 2 and 3-ply paper towels are available in various packaging sizes. We offer standard rolls with different embossing and printing patterns or large and practical Giga rolls. All our paper towels are also certified for contact with food.

Paper towels in a standard roll – absorbency and strength

An absorbent and durable 2 or 3-ply towel designed for everyday use at home, when cleaning and in the kitchen. The unique embossing pattern gives the towel sufficient thickness and the right level of absorbency.

Paper towels in a GIGA roll – efficiency and cost-effectiveness

This super-efficient and practical 2 or 3-ply towel Giga roll is indispensable at home, especially when preparing a large party or embarking on a thorough cleaning chores large number of sheets in the roll makes the towel exceptionally economical, and the appropriate absorbency and durability ensure comfort of use.

Paper towel in a Giga Turbo roll – incredible strength and absorbency

This paper towel in the Giga roll with special colourful embossing is extremely durable thanks to 3 plies of tissue paper. The towel does not tear, while being highly absorbent. Perfect for kitchen use.

Paper towels in a standard roll with printing

A special summer edition of 2, 3 or 4-ply printed towels allows to diversify the product range and offer consumers an original product for special occasions. The suitable thickness of sheets and the embossing pattern guarantee excellent absorbency.

Facial tissues in box

Velvet CARE manufactures 2, 3, 4-ply boxed facial tissues in different packaging formats. Our boxes are 100% recyclable; they are produced without the use of foil elements in opening and with biodegradable paints and varnish. The tissues can also be enriched with a balm, scent or extract.

Facial tissues in a practical box – always on hand

Delicate and durable 2, 3, 4-ply boxed facial tissues will come in handy at home and at work thanks to the large variety of packaging formats and unlimited possibilities for graphic designers. The tissues can be enriched with a balm, scent or extract for an added feeling of comfort during use.

Facial tissues in the CUBE box – comfort for those who expect more

The 2 or 3-ply tissues packaged in the CUBE box are ideal for rooms with limited space but which place emphasis on moderation and elegance. Diverse packaging designs will look great on small tables in the living room, bedroom, or in the children’s room.

Facial tissues in the Travel box – travelling in comfort

Innovative 3-ply tissues in a specially designed Travel box are an extremely convenient accessory when travelling by car – the box will fit in a side car door pocket, but also in a suitcase, a bag or a stroller. The two-way opening method will prove handy in many situations.


Velvet CARE handkerchiefs are extremely soft and delicate while being exceptionally strong. Clients can choose from 2, 3, 4-ply pocket tissues in many different packaging formats. Tissues can also be enriched with a balm, scent or extract.

Standard sized handkerchiefs

Soft tissues in standard size: 2, 3, 4-ply tissues with an elegant pattern embossed. Available in different variations: with an added fragrance, balm, or aloe vera or calendula extract. The tissues are delicate and absorbent, while the addition of the balm or fragrance provides a feeling of gentle care during use.

Mini sized handkerchiefs – convenience and comfort

Delicate 2 or 3-ply tissues in a practical mini pocket size. They are particularly useful outside of home, when travelling or at school, where comfort and convenience are of vital importance. Thanks to the compact packaging, the product can always be within your reach.

We look forward to working with retail chains interested in launching hygiene products under their own brand. Together, we can create products that will strengthen the value of the category in your stores and open opportunities for further development.

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