The strategic importance of ESG

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria play a special role in the  Velvet CARE development strategy.

The company’s modernity and responsibility manifest itself not only in the measures used to achieve its goals or meet legal and formal requirements. Any business with a responsible approach to its mission should also bring wide-ranging benefits to all stakeholders, ensuring sustainable development for itself and the environment in which it is operates. Therefore, the essential aspects of our business are the care for the natural environment, people and the team, corporate social responsibility, transparent and effective processes, and ensuring good relations with partners. In each of these areas, we undertake well-planned and responsible activities.

“The introduction of ESG standards in Velvet CARE formally started in 2019 simultaneously with the beginning of our cooperation with ABRIS, but many of them had been already introduced to our organization before. The implementation of ESG is a process – one of the most important strategic points of our long-term strategy.

We are convinced that these areas are key factors in creating the company’s intangible assets, and we have a very ambitious approach to implementing them. Sustainable development, social responsibility and the highest management standards are issues of strategic importance for Velvet CARE.”

Artur Pielak, President of the Management Board

Our report

2023 brought another important step in the development of ESG standards in Velvet CARE. This is the first time that we present all the stakeholders with the public non-financial report prepared on the basis of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards 2021). The document was prepared for 2022, yet it provides the readers with insights and a perspective pertaining to our earlier development. The content of the report is devoted to issues related to environmental protection, social issues and corporate governance.

You are wholeheartedly invited to read the report.

Assessment of our activities


In October 2023, we joined the global B Corp community. The certification confirms that Velvet CARE meets a number of rigorous standards in 5 main areas such as: environment, workers, community, customers and governance.

Being a member of this community is also a commitment to pursue business goals with society and planet in mind.

The B Corp status applies to the entire Velvet CARE Group, including Czech subsidiary Moracell.

Velvet CARE’s commitment to society, the environment and sustainable development is confirmed by the Gold Medal received in the EcoVadis rating for 2023.

This achievement means that Velvet CARE is among the top 5% of organizations globally that were subject to this evaluation this year.

The EcoVadis assessment covers 21 sustainability criteria in four main thematic areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Find out more about ESG

environmental policy, meeting the principles of responsibility and care for the environment, operating in compliance with the highest standards attested by environmental certificates

relations with suppliers, customers, business partners, the observance of employee rights, occupational health and safety guidelines, product quality standards, company information policy and its transparency

the structure of the Management Board, respecting shareholders’ rights, reporting and information obligations, internal control system, policies and procedures (purchasing policy, anti-corruption policy, line of ethics, code of ethical conduct, etc.)