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Climate change, resulting from anthropogenic factors, is currently one of the most pressing environmental problems and challenges of the modern world.
Looking after our planet and its resources is our primary concern. With this in mind, we are doing everything we can to optimise our processes, measure our environmental impact and implement proactive solutions.

In 2019, Velvet CARE developed a sustainable development strategy “Eco Agenda 2025 – Achieve more with less.” This project demonstrates the company’s commitment to the planet we all live on and is a milestone for the organisation in creating an environmentally-friendly landscape. The initiatives listed in the strategy are divided into three main pillars: product, organisation and inspiration.

Carbon Footprint


The carbon footprint is the most important and measurable aspect of a company’s environmental performance. In terms of us, measuring it is one of the activities that we conduct on an ongoing basis and draw conclusions from.


Velvet CARE has been taking numerous initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions since 2016. The first basic one was to equip the TM7 paper machine built in 2018 with a gas boiler located near the steam collection point; it allowed to reduce the amount of gas needed to produce it to the minimum. In 2018, the company replaced a  coal-fired boiler room with a gas-fired boiler room at the “old” TM6 paper machine.

As a continuation of these activities, the latest TM8 paper machine built in 2021 was equipped with a modern gas boiler room too.

We constantly monitor and optimize our production and processing processes working on increasing efficiency, reducing electricity consumption per ton of tissue paper, which directly translates into reducing our carbon footprint.

The activities and investments conducted by Velvet CARE in recent years have allowed for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by about 70% during the first 5 years of the company’s operation! We have also plans prepared for further reduction and we are analysing the feasibility of the plans to achieve the status of a carbon neutral company.

A gas cogeneration unit is currently being built at the Velvet CARE plant in Klucze. Thanks to it the plant’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced once again (a reduction of 46% is planned in scopes 1 and 2).

Information about the current project status (in Polish) can be found HERE

Certified forests

As a company which is conscious of its impact and responsibilities, Velvet CARE uses only certified and renewable raw materials (forests must be renewable and managed responsibly).

In consequence, the company has been awarded the following certificates:
FSC® (C119667) and PEFC (PEFC/32-31-086).