On the threshold of the 21st century we are witnessing processes that are literally damaging the Earth, including the reduction of water resources, the extinction of fauna and flora species (including the forest area reduction). We are running out of planet resources at an alarming rate,
while observing disturbing climate change.

At Velvet Care, we are making it clear that it is high time we started taking climate change seriously and we make our efforts to counteract these harmful practices, by setting the goals for our own organization
and by inspiring others in the fight for the protection of the planet environment.

We believe that in the process of change actions taken on a local scale: household, city, school and finally – company are leading to a revolution on a macro scale, ultimately bringing good to people at all latitudes.

At Velvet Care our goal is simply to rationally distribute our resources: work, talent, vision and voice to support useful and wise activities aimed at protecting the environment in which we live. Sticking to fair and transparent rules has helped us create a company we are proud of. Our path and the experience gained
over the years has proved that ambitious business visions lead to spectacular successes.

We believe that achieving goals and inspiring changes leading to the improvement of our natural surroundings – are possible provided that true passion and willingness to act are involved.

We see these tasks as our Eco-Agenda – for here and now and for the coming years.

We start with ourselves: from our own company and own community, from inspiring our families, colleagues and business partners.

We strongly believe that in order to continue holding our company’s leading position and to keep meeting the needs
of our millions of consumers choosing our brands every day, we must not only offer the best products, but also serve as an example of how to protect the place
that we all call home.