VELVET – the synonym of softness

As the most recognisable brand of toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissues in Poland, we are always close to our customers. With Velvet providing them with solutions ensuring cleanliness, freshness and convenience every single day, the company enjoys the trust of both consumers and customers.

Numerous awards and distinctions received by Velvet CARE each year serve to confirm this high level of customer satisfaction. Recent awards include: Super Produkt 2019 (Super Product), Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2019 (Consumer Quality Leader) (golden emblem in four categories), the title of Hit Handlu 2019 (Trade Hit), Ulubiona Marka Polaków 2019 (Poland’s Favourite Brand) and Złoty Paragon 2019 (Golden Receipt).

Toilet paper

Velvet toilet paper is well-known for its velvety softness, elegant embossing and incredible strength.

There is a multitude of product varieties and properties to choose from – roll length, paper thickness, strength, the pattern embossed on the sheets – all this helps you choose the perfect toilet paper which meets every type of demand.

ecoROLL Soft White

Velvet Soft White ecoROLL toilet paper is a product that combines three plies of soft tissue paper with a delicate embossed bear pattern. Created with nature in mind, the four double-long rolls – ecoROLL equal eight regular rolls of toilet paper. As a result, less plastic is used to pack the ecoROOL, thus leading to a reduction in generated waste. In addition, the product takes up less space during transport, which means fewer trucks are required to carry the product, thus reducing the volume of emissions into the air.

ecoROLL Camomile & Aloe

Velvet Camomile & Aloe ecoROLL toilet paper is an environmentally friendly and soft product made of three plies of delicate tissue paper with a gentle camomile scent. Created with nature in mind, the four double-long rolls – ecoROLL equal eight regular rolls of toilet paper. As a result, less plastic is used to pack the ecoROLL, thus leading to a reduction in generated waste. In addition, the product takes up less space during transport, which means fewer trucks are required to carry the product, thus reducing the volume of emissions into the air.



There are 8 large and perfectly wound rolls of strong paper in every pack of the Premium Comfort Excellence toilet paper. As many as 160 four-ply sheets guarantee an exceptional feeling of comfort for consumers who expect only the best. With its elegant and unique embossing pattern, the Excellence toilet paper has plenty of character.

The premium quality Velvet Excellence products are also available in other variants – White Cotton with added cotton as well as Camomile & Aloe.

Soft White

Velvet Soft White toilet paper is a three-ply product made of delicate yet durable tissue embossed with bears – an iconic character to the Velvet brand. Available in pack sizes with 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24 rolls.

Camomile & Aloe

Velvet Camomile & Aloe toilet paper is a three-ply product made from delicate and soft tissue scented with the aroma of camomile. It is elegantly embossed and additionally embellished with a camomile print. This toilet paper is a wonderful choice for those who appreciate its decorative aspect in their toilet room. Available in pack sizes with 4, 8, 12, and 16 rolls.


Velvet Longest toilet paper is the longest out of all Velvet toilet paper varieties. The soft, two-ply tissue paper carries a cheerful bear print. The product’s advantages are numerous – the economical, long and compact toilet roll lasts for longer and helps you save valuable space in your toilet room.

Moist toilet tissue

Moist toilet tissue, a perfect accompaniment to traditional toilet paper, sets a new standard in hygiene and cleanliness. When used alongside standard toilet paper, moist toilet tissue brings freshness and the feeling of comfort in any conditions. The delicate sheets of the moist toilet tissue come protected in a handy packaging with a lid. Made from biodegradable and flushable non-woven tissue, they can be disposed of in the toilet after use. The product is available in 4 variants: Camomile & Aloe Vera, Intima, Pure and Junior.


Velvet Intima Moist toilet tissue is an ingenious 2-in-1 product for women. Thanks to a specially developed formula containing lactic acid, inulin and prebiotics, Intima can also be used as wet wipes for intimate hygiene, providing comfort, a feeling of freshness and gentle care in any situation.


Velvet Junior Moist toilet tissue is particularly gentle to the skin, as it was developed with the youngest users in mind. These soft peach-scented wipes and the convenient colourful packaging with a lid encourage children to learn independence in the toilet room and teach them correct personal hygiene habits.


Velvet Pure Moist toilet tissue is a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free product developed for sensitive skin. It has delicate, yet effective cleansing properties, just like water. The gentle formula is perfect for daily intimate hygiene and provides a feeling of freshness after each visit to the toilet.

Kitchen towels

Velvet kitchen towels are dependable assistants when you are cooking or doing the daily cleaning chores. Among the extensive range of kitchen towel varieties, you can find the GIGA rolls or the standard pack with two rolls.

Velvet kitchen towels are embellished with elegant patterns embossed using special technology, which makes them highly absorbent and strong.


Velvet Turbo kitchen towel has as many as 330 strong and very tough sheets wound on a Giga roll. The characteristic embossing and thick layers of tissue paper perfectly absorb moisture and prevent the towel from tearing even when wet, making Velvet Turbo perfect for even the largest cleaning tasks.

Extra Long

This variety of kitchen towel is extremely absorbent and strong. It has thick sheets, produced from two layers of carefully selected tissue paper, which thanks to a special embossing method are unbelievably absorbent. Two of these high-performance Extra Long kitchen towels are the equivalent of four standard rolls.

Jumbo Duo

Velvet Jumbo Duo paper towel is a multi-purpose product. It is soft and irreplaceable in everyday hygiene. Thanks to its absorbency, it is an excellent choice for every cleaning. It absorbs water perfectly and does not tear during use.

Two handy GIGA rolls will last for a long time. You can store one of them in a cupboard for later use or leave it in another room. What’s more, one Jumbo Duo paper towel takes up less space than a standard 1 large Giga roll, which means it will fit in any kitchen.

In addition, the elegant design fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, bathroom or car. It is worth having it always at hand.

Facial tissues

Velvet facial tissues are an exceptional product enclosed in handy and colourful boxes, which can be a perfect decorative element for any interior. Made of three layers of soft tissue paper, they are absorbent and strong.

Smart and interesting graphic designs mean that Velvet has a box for everyone.

Balm with aloe vera and calendula extract

These extraordinarily soft tissues are enriched with aloe vera and calendula extract, which is known for its soothing properties preventing the skin around the nose from becoming irritated.

Thanks to three layers of carefully selected tissue paper, the facial tissues are very absorbent and strong providing comfort and protection even during persistent runny nose. Non-fragrance product.


Velvet Pastels are three-ply delicate facial tissues which come in large boxes with graphically subdued designs. Economical pack with 120 tissues, which are always at the tip of your fingertips.


This one-of-a-kind box in the shape of a practical cube conceals 60 soft, yet strong three-ply tissues. The product attracts attention with its unique mix of 4 graphic designs, allowing you to choose the one which goes best with your interiors.

Travel Pack

These three-ply tissues enclosed in a compact box were designed with the comfort of drivers in mind. The box fits perfectly in a car’s side door pocket, small suitcase, travel bag and baby stroller, while the convenient two-way opening system will ensure easy access in any situation. Velvet Travel Pack Tissues are available in a choice of four graphic designs.


Velvet handkerchiefs which are exceptionally strong and delicate, come in a few variations of format and packaging colour scheme.

Handkerchiefs have versatile uses regardless of where you are – at home, at work or out shopping. To give you a feeling of comfort and safety in unexpected situations, we have made them soft, absorbent and tough. It’s good to always have them on hand.

Creamy fragranced balm

These luxurious tissues enriched with a creamy fragranced balm are a superior quality product with a sensational silklike texture. The four layers of tissue guarantee strength and high absorbance, while the delicate balm fragrance gives you a feeling of gentle care during use.


With their four layers of delicate tissue, Original handkerchiefs are known for their incredible softness. They were created for all those who like to enjoy the finer things in life. The packaging’s monochromatic graphic design in navy blue – the brand colour of Velvet – is remarkably elegant. Tissues come in handy small packs with a convenient resealable closure. The product is available in 10×10 format.


Emotions handkerchiefs are exceptionally soft and delicate. The multipack contains five different designs with attractive graphics and positive messages. Tissues come in practical packs with a convenient resealable closure to keep the content hygienic and secure. The product is available in 10×10 format.


Velvet MINIS „for you” are soft and delicate four-ply handkerchiefs which come in handy small packs. Minis handkerchiefs are an excellent choice for those who appreciate the convenience, as they will fit into your trouser pockets or a small handbag.

Cotton pads and cotton buds

Velvet cotton pads and cotton buds are essential accessories in our daily hygiene routine. They are made of 100% cotton, which gives a feeling of softness and gentleness, so they are ideal for the entire family.

Cotton pads

In addition to being incredibly soft and plush, Velvet cotton pads have sealed edges to prevent them from delamination and leaving separate fibers on the skin. Velvet cotton pads come in different sizes and in several feminine graphic designs of the packaging, giving consumers a lot of choice.

Cotton buds

Biodegradable cotton buds were developed in consideration for the environment. With a cotton head on both sides of a white paper stick, the product is fully biodegradable. The packaging containing 200 cotton buds is also made of paper and can be recycled.

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