Our team

What makes our team unique is diversity – almost in its every aspect. This characteristic is decisive to our strength and our ability to cooperate. The company is headquartered in Klucze (South of Poland, close to Cracow) – there are many examples where both the grandfather and the father worked in the paper mill, and now the papermaking tradition is continued by the children. Many people have been involved with the company for almost their entire professional lives. The youngest employee of Velvet CARE is 19 years old, and the oldest is 68.

Our team also comprises the Commercial Office in Warsaw – here we will meet specialists in sales, marketing, category development, demand  planning and business analysis, in addition to experienced Sales Representatives working throughout the country.

We are proud of our team, which is divergent in age, location and personality – such collaboration allows us to achieve the best possible results. We believe in the power of teamwork and open discussion, and the different approaches we gain represent an added value and are a strong point of the company.

In 2020, the Czech company Moracell, became part of our corporate family. We are extremely pleased, as this addition provides us with completely new perspectives of cooperation.

My career at Velvet CARE

I had my first experience of working for Velvet CARE during my university studies in June 2015.

I started to work for Velvet CARE in May 2019, a week after my matriculation exam.

After hours

Velvet CARE is active in the local community. The company supports local events such as: swimming marathons, bicycle rallies, street runs, Children’s Day celebrations and family picnics. We took part in Olkusz Days, Harvest Festivals, the Hero’s Run, and Juromania.


Velvet CARE places great emphasis on sport and physical health. All our employees have the opportunity to participate in the Velvet CARE Sport Challenge by competing in running, cycling and walking. Indoor and outdoor football tournaments allow Velvet CARE employees to show off their skills in healthy sporting competition.

The fact that Velvet CARE encourages a friendly atmosphere at work is best demonstrated by the annual celebrations of the International Women’s Day, traditional Fat Thursday, Apple Day, Coffee Day, St. Nicholas Day and Christmas Eve. The birthday celebrations of Velvet CARE, always held on 1 August, have become a staple of the calendar of events organised by the company. We also celebrate other events, such as the launch of paper machines or the anniversary of the brand.