We demand the most from ourselves

Velvet CARE is fully aware of its environmental impact.
The company does not stop in its efforts to limit this impact: to improve our production and business practices and to share what we have learnt with others.

Our initiatives

Forest = responsibility

100% of the cellulose used in our production processes comes from fully renewable forest resources issued with internationally recognised certification.

These forests are certified and controlled by FSC® (C119667) and PEFC (PEFC/32-31-086) – so we are confident that our cellulose is sourced according to international sustainable forest management standards.

Our ambition is that this raw material should come from the resources closest to us geographically. Since the inception of Velvet CARE, cellulose of European origin accounts for the majority of our raw material. In this way, we also reduce the environmental impact of the transport we use.

Energy and water

Our objectives are to significantly increase the plant’s energy effectiveness and reduce our water consumption. Achieving both these goals means having to comply with strict technological requirements, using state-of-the-art technological solutions and undertaking significant investments.

However, we are determined to take on each of these challenges. Already now, the water required for the production processes is used several times, in an almost closed water circuit. Since the establishment of Velvet CARE in 2013, we have reduced water consumption by over 52%. We continue in our efforts to limit this consumption further, while increasing the effectiveness of our water treatment processes.

In the future, we also plan to use renewable energy sources and the latest technologies for energy recovery from production processes.

Less exhaust fumes and CO22

Since 2013, when Velvet CARE was founded, we have significantly reduced the emissions of harmful gases generated by the boiler plants in our factory. We have reduced SO2 emissions by 98,9%, NO2 emissions by 82,9% and CO2 emissions by 48,8%. We continue to improve the capacity of our machinery and simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2025, Velvet CARE plans to modernise material handling in the Klucze plant to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, while complying with the guidelines of ecological standards.