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- Corporate Governance

At Velvet CARE, we follow clear-cut and explicit guidelines which give us the certainty that we conduct our business ethically. The company’s transparent organisational structure, our corporate policy, our relations with business partners, purchasing policies and reporting rules – all these aspects guarantee our corporate governance.

Our business goals, development plans and performance indicators are defined annually in an internal document that forms the basis for performance management throughout the organisation: we cascade business objectives, define departmental and individual employee targets necessary to achieve them, monitor and verify our plans.

We continue to answer the question of HOW we build our business. Our principles of operation are reflected in policies and procedures implemented throughout the organisation.

In 2019, we implemented two key documents

The VC Code of Ethics (VCCE) – which defines the expectations relating to behaviours in often difficult and ambiguous situations. The updated Code of Ethics has become the primary document defining our principles of conduct and building relationships based on mutual respect and partnership.


Anti-corruption policy – an internal legal act which forms an integral part of the VCCE.