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- Corporate Governance

In the area of ​​corporate governance, we constantly look to the future and raise our standards on an everyday basis. We operate according to clear and transparent rules that guarantee ethical business conduct. Transparent organizational structure, company management policy, relations with contractors, purchasing policies and reporting principles are for Velvet CARE a guarantee of maintaining corporate governance.

The Velvet CARE Group reports its financial results in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. We give priority to security in the field of IT and security systems. We have prepared and implemented a procedure for identifying potential frauds in the financial area as well as anti-corruption mechanisms.

Our organization has implemented an Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drugs Policy, compliance rules and the Code of Conduct. We operate in accordance with the applicable law in the field of personal data protection and we have implemented a Policy in this regard. We optimize and modernize our processes and procedures on a regular basis, ensuring that our business is effective and always transparently conducted.


In 2019, we implemented two key documents

It sets out principles in regard to the behaviour and expectations in various situations, often difficult and ambiguous. This basic document defines the rules of conduct and building relationships based on mutual respect and partnership.

Anti-corruption policy – an internal legal act which forms an integral part of the VCCE.