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- Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is all about duty towards other people and society in which we live and work – our employees, business partners, consumers or local communities. One of our primary concerns is the provision of the feeling of safety, having mutual respect for each other and the law, as well as the support shown whenever it is needed. These actions are carried out within the organisation itself as well as through numerous initiatives aimed at supporting the local community.

Inside the organisation

  • Human capital management standards, projects and processes, engagement research and continuous development – all these aspects are part of our day-to-day business. Every day, our employees develop their skills, improve their qualifications participating in training prepared based on well-suited methods of professional development.
  • We are aware of the importance of health and safety in our daily lives. Every year, Velvet CARE engages in a wide variety of local projects promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle (Velvet CARE Sport Challenge “Live a Healthy Life”). A swimming marathon, a bicycle rally in Klucze and Cross-Active rally in Olkusz are just some of the recent events which have received the company’s support. We celebrated Apple Day, organised competitions to support physical activity and provide our employees with the much-needed vitamins in autumn and winter.

Support for the local community

  • Velvet CARE helps to organise local projects which promote a healthy lifestyle and which are important to the local communities. Both cultural and sporting events receive our support (Hero’s Run, Olkusz Days, Harvest Festival, Juromania, Street Run).
  • For years, we have been helping local daycare centres, schools, kindergartens and social care centres by supplying them with our products. In 2019, we donated our products to more than 25 institutions, for a group of more than 1000 people in total.

Educational activities

  • The company educates and helps to educate the youngest residents of our region: in 2019, we held workshops in 6 kindergartens on the importance of personal hygiene.

Activities during the pandemic

During the pandemic, we were very quick to undertake action to ensure the safety of our employees and also engaged in diverse activities to support the local and global community:

  • we donated over PLN 100,000 for the purchase of a new respirator for the hospital in Olkusz. Velvet CARE employees managed to collect PLN 25,000, and the company tripled this amount which meant that we succeeded in collecting the necessary sum.
  • we produced more than 5000 inserts for protective face masks
  • 7 hospitals in the Małopolska region were supplied with Velvet CARE products
  • together with Angelini Pharma, we provided patients of 10 hospitals in Poland with basic needs packs as part of the #dobropowraca (#goodness returns) project.

We continue in our efforts to provide assistance to others.