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120 and 20 years! We are celebrating two important anniversaries!


120 and 20 years! We are celebrating two important anniversaries! 

2017 is special for us as it marks the 20th anniversary since the introduction of the Velvet brand to the Polish market, concurrently celebrating the 120th anniversary of the establishment of our factory in Klucze where Velvet products have been produced from the very beginning. We have reasons to celebrate at this special time and we would also like to thank our customers, employees and partners.

The history of our company dates back to 1897 when the landowner of Klucze started to build a paper mill. He adopted an ambitious strategy and decided to conquer the market with products of the highest quality. It is in this spirit that we have been operating in Klucze paper mill until now. In the 1970s, as the first Polish manufacturer, we started producing modern hygienic tissue paper from 100% cellulose; and in 1997 we introduced the “soft as velvet” brand of Velvet. We were also the first ones to say no to grays and roughness of toilet paper and tissues.

20 years have passed since then and Velvet’s portfolio has increased significantly. Today the brand is the undisputed market leader. Its success is all down to the partnership of many individuals, businesses and institutions. It is our customers, business partners in Poland and in Europe, and above all our employees, who enabled us to get such a high market position. There is a lot to thank for and enjoy.

We would like to thank for the recognition on the part of our consumers and business partners reflected in awards granted in the recent years, such as the Consumer Quality Leader, Gold Paragon, Trade Hit the Choice of Retailers and the Superbrands title. This is an honor to us and motivation for further intensive work. The paper mill in Klucze and the Velvet brand still have ambitions to pave market developments, positively change hygienic behavior of Poles and still deliver new and innovative products. The recent strategic investments in the expansion of the machine park and the inclusion of Klucze by the status of Special Economic Zone in the framework of the Krakow Technology Park are dedicated to achieve these goals.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are inviting you to celebrate with us!