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Velvet White Cotton Paper with the Golden Receipt


Recently, during the FMCG and Retail Market Leaders Gala, the “Golden Receipt” award in the “Other Non-Food Products” category was awarded to Velvet White Cotton toilet paper, containing as many as 200 sheets per roll with added cotton extract.

The diploma for our exceptional product was received by Magdalena Bartoszuk (Brand Manager of Velvet) and Krzysztof Lechowicz (Category & Perfect Store Manager).

This event, organized by Fischer Trading Group, the publisher of Hurt & Detal magazine, marked the culmination of the 14th edition of the “Golden Receipt – Polish Merchants’ Award” competition. This year, 65 certificates and 130 distinctions were awarded, along with several dozen special prizes in key categories for the Polish economy.

The winners of this nationwide competition are chosen by retailers who voted both through a survey attached to Hurt & Detal magazine and online.

We thank everyone who voted for our product and confirmed its high quality and reliability. It is a great honor for us!