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5 years of Velvet Care


In August 2018, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our company’s existence. It has been five years since¬†the establishment of the Velvet Care company and the moment the Kimberly Clark concern withdrew its businesses from Poland and Central Europe. It has been a time of hard work, the largest development leap in the history of the Klucze plant and many successes!

– We modernized the machinery park of our factory by installing 5 new processing lines, modernizing the existing ones and, above all, by launching a new paper machine.

– We increased the turnover and production capacity of the plant twice.

– We strengthened the Velvet brand as a market leader in Poland

– We have built a strong business in private labels sector and export markets

– We have introduced a new brand for institutional clients – Velvet CARE Professional

It was possible mainly due to the high engagement of all employees of Velvet Care as well as the recognition among consumers who appreciate our products, and the trust of our business partners.

We would like to thank all of them and wish us many years of such fruitful cooperation!