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Another edition of the trainee programme at Velvet CARE has ended!


The sixth edition of the Velvet CARE summer internship means six trainees who continue to work with us after the end of the trainee programme. This year, we had the pleasure of working with a total of 11 students or pupils during our internships. Our trainees came from seven different universities or schools they have either graduated from or continue to attend. It also means as many as eight business areas in which Velvet CARE trained the interns and nine different fields of study pursued by our candidates.

Once again, the Velvet CARE summer internships attracted great interest. Because of the pandemic, the recruitment campaign was different than in previous years. We were unable to take part in the Engineering Job Fair in Kraków, where we had recruited for a dozen or so years in a row. Our eagerly-awaited participation in the Student Job Fair at the Lodz University of Technology also had to be cancelled. In consequence, we recruited mostly through our cooperation with Career Services, by advertising in the local press and via Facebook. Our efforts were rewarded with the participation of some fantastic young people who wanted to develop and learn by working during their summer holidays.

Our internships are a wonderful opportunity to gain new experiences, to cooperate with committed employees who are keen to share their knowledge and expertise with the interns, introduce them to departmental tasks and emphasize the challenges involved. This is precisely the moment when young people discover the real functioning of the company and the departments they find themselves in and when they combine it with the knowledge they have received in the course of their studies. This allows them to choose their career path or change their previous choices, and we are always happy about their achievements, regardless of whether they are small or large.
We wish our interns good luck and much success when working for Velvet CARE. It is possible that in one-year’s time they themselves will be welcoming new colleagues to the company.

Don’t forget about the future editions of our internship programmes – the next edition is coming in the spring of 2021!