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10 years of Velvet CARE history – summary 2023


An exceptionally challenging year is behind us – just the way we like it the most!

January is a time for summaries and reflections. It is also a time to celebrate successes and appreciate the progress we have made over the past year.

It seems that it will become our tradition for Artur Pielak, President of the Management Board and CEO of Velvet CARE, to summarize the past year in a few sentences for our readers. We encourage you to read it! 😊

10 years of Velvet CARE history – we have concluded the first decade of operations with successes.

We have behind us an exceptional year, filled with challenges and difficulties, as well as numerous achievements and strategic decisions for the continued growth of the company!

Tough, but good! The celebratory year of 2023 turned out to be a record-breaking one! We achieved the highest business results in volume, turnover, and profitability – both in Velvet CARE and Moracell! For the first time in history, we reached a spectacular turnover scale of nearly 1.5 billion Polish zlotys! This is over 7 times more than 10 years ago when we started our journey as an independent company. It’s a wonderful gift for Velvet CARE’s 10th birthday!

The past year was also full of important investment decisions, which will be continued in 2024. In our factory in Klucze, new offices will be put into use before spring, and a tender is ongoing for the construction of a cogeneration unit. Moracell will soon have a new production-warehouse building (construction has already begun). Expansion plans include the converting facilities in our Czech subsidiary. But that’s not all – ahead of us are further key investment decisions related to the development of factories in Poland and the Czech Republic.

It is natural that with business growth, the organization and management team evolve. In the autumn, we welcomed a new member to the Management Board – Aleksandra Jankowska-Bożyk (CPO – Chief People Officer). The Velvet CARE Board currently consists of 3 men and 2 women. We are extremely pleased with the development of our management team. From the diversity of individuals, attitudes, and opinions, we draw a lot of inspiration. Operating in the spirit of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is fundamental to making sound decisions.

The year 2023 has also marked itself in the history of Velvet CARE as a year of sustainable development. Through independent international audits, we have received the B Corp certification and the EcoVadis Gold Medal. These are spectacular achievements that keep pace with our dynamically growing company.

Therefore, on this occasion, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and words of appreciation to the employees of Velvet CARE and Moracell. I am grateful for the hard work, extraordinary dedication, and determination, as well as for the challenging but right decisions. I am proud that we have been working together and developing the company since the inception of Velvet CARE.

We have started the year 2024. Soon, we will open a new chapter in the history of Velvet CARE – the first year of collaboration with our new business partner, the Partners Group fund. We have new ambitions and new plans. At Velvet CARE, we embrace challenges – that’s why we are gearing up for tough times in business, as it is during such times that our company can showcase its strengths!

I wish our employees and business partners many shared successes in the year 2024!

Artur Pielak

President of the Management Board