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Diamond Prize for Velvet CARE in the “ESG Leaders” Competition


In December 2021, an educational and grant programme for primary schools called “Velvet. Piątka dla natury” implemented by us was selected by the Jury of the “ESG Leaders” competition organised by the Warsaw Securities Exchange, PwC and NN Investment Partners TFI. This is a unique distinction and an expression of acknowledgement for actions conducted by us – from a group of 100 companies that submitted their entries to the competition, we have been honoured with the top prize in one of three competition categories. Thank you!

The “ESG Leader” is a title awarded to companies and institutions that have put in place and are implementing the ESG strategy, offer innovative products and services that have a positive impact on the environment and carry out effective information and promotion campaigns in the area of sustainable development. We are very proud to join this respected group.

Our mission includes the goal of being a leader in satisfying consumer needs, at the same time operating in harmony with the natural environment and contributing to the growth of communities of which we are a part. In this spirit, we have created the Eco Agenda 2025 strategy and the “Velvet. Piątka dla Natury” educational programme that received the prize. It is a direct implementation of obligations included in the pillar Inspiration for our sustainable development strategy, and simultaneously it remains consistent with the Velvet CARE activities in the ESG areas.

The tenets of the winning programme are presented here: www.piatkadlanatury.pl