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ESG Report 2022: for the first time with reference to the GRI Standards.


We are continually improving our standards in the ESG area and we can proudly declare that we have already accomplished a lot. However, we follow the path of continuous development and every day we ambitiously reach out for more! Being aware that in the future we will be required to report in line with the CSRD, we have accepted the challenge of preparing a full report on non-financial issues now and are providing the stakeholders with transparently organised information about the impact of our organisation on the environment, the people and the local community.

When preparing the report, we decided to make use of the international GRI reporting standards. Global Reporting Initiative prepares and delivers the best international practice in the area of communication with stakeholders. These standards are used around the world by organisations that feel responsible for their impact on the environment. Thanks to the preparation of the ESG Report of Velvet CARE with reference to the GRI Standards, we guarantee that our recipients receive high-quality and transparent information pertaining to the sustainable development issues.

This year’s report is not a formal requirement for us, but it is another important step on the path to improvement and growth of Velvet CARE in the ESG area.

We are putting it in your hands with pride and joy – and have a nice read! 👉 LINK