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Experience the gentle Velvet Balm series of products!


We are happy to inform you that as of January 2018, the VelvetĀ® brand has introduced a new line of Velvet Balsam tissues.

The present Velvet Balm hygienic and universal tissues have been replaced by a new, improved variant, i.e. balm with aloe and calendula extract (unscented product). Additionally, creamy-scented Velvet Balm tissues joined the portfolio, extending the line of hitherto tissues from the Balm series.

Creamy-scented Velvet Balm tissues are soft and resistant tissues with balm available in two formats: as handy 4-ply hygienic tissues in packets (6 packets containing 9 tissues each) and 3-ply universal tissues in a convenient cardboard box (70 tissues).

Velvet Balm are exceptionally soft, absorbent and resistant tissues, useful especially during allergy or when fighting with an annoying cold and flu.

Dermatologically tested product, certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene.

The new Velvet tissues combine top quality soft tissue enriched with balm and subtle creamy scent or camomile and aloe extract, associated with gentleness, tender care and soothing.

You are heartily welcome to try them!