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Full mobilisation at Velvet CARE!


Currently, in these extraordinary circumstances, our products are deemed essential consumer goods! Velvet CARE mission is to ensure that toilet paper, cosmetic and hygienic tissues and paper towels are readily available to millions of Poles.

For that reason, as early as in January 2020, when the world first heard of the coronavirus, Velvet CARE began to make stocks of raw materials and finished products. Because of that and thanks to the incredible involvement of our employees, we work 24/7 while making use of the maximum production capacity of our plant. We produce a selection of the most popular product models in the longest possible cycles in order to limit any interruptions in the production process necessary to change the production formats. We work closely with logistics companies to deliver products to distributors as quickly as possible.

Such continuity of production is only possible thanks to the effort of Velvet CARE employees. Safety and health of our employees have always been our priority; therefore, we have introduced numerous safety measures to protect them. The loading of goods is entirely contactless in order to limit any contact with people from outside the plant. We have cancelled almost all business trips and guest visits to our plant.

We are grateful to our employees who every day measure up to the task by understanding the gravity of the circumstances we are currently facing.

Movie: https://youtu.be/onb0aixCd0Q