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New variant of Velvet Pure infused toilet paper!


New variant of Velvet Pure infused toilet paper – cleans and cares for your skin like clean water!

Velvet CARE extends its product range of Velvet moist papers with the Pure variant. As the name suggests, the product does not contain any unnecessary additives. It is scent-free, hypoallergenic, delicate. Velvet Pure moist paper is a product for consumers looking for cosmetics with the composition which is as simple as possible.

In Spring 2016 a new variant of moist paper – Velvet PURE has been added to the present variants of moist papers – Velvet Rumianek and Velvet Junior. Velvet Pure moist paper cleans like clean water, ensuring feeling of freshness and cleanness every day. It does not contain alcohol, parabens, PEGs, artificial colouring, fragrance additives, it is biodegradable. Just like other variants of Velvet PURE, it is made of soft and fleshy fibre, which may be flushed in the toilet, and it has a convenient clamshell pack which prevents paper from drying out.

We encourage our consumers to buy and try Velvet Pure!