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New Velvet Turbo campaign.


On 2 March, a new campaign for the Velvet Turbo paper towel was launched, carrying the slogan “Let this tough guy do your cleaning”!
The protagonist of the campaign is a strongman whose attributes (he is strong, durable and doesn’t break) reflect the advantages of the Velvet Turbo paper towel.
This nationwide campaign will be shown on TV and online, and will be present at retail chains and independent stores, where the Velvet Turbo paper towel will now feature a new label depicting the “Strongman”.
The concept behind the advert was to promote giga rolls of paper towels and encourage consumers to try out the Velvet Turbo brand.
The message of the campaign focused on the exceptional qualities of the paper towel – its strength, durability and excellent absorbency. These qualities were successfully put to the test by Velvet Turbo users in the course of consumer testing carried out in the domestic environment.* During these tests, Velvet Turbo was rated as one of the best paper towels ever used by the consumers.
Make sure to watch our advertising campaign and give the Velvet Turbo paper towel a try.

*source: Study by Zymetria, August 2019