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“She is White and He is Camomile”: Two Different Characters, United by Price


November is going to be marked by the launch of a limited edition of White Velvet and Camomile Velvet toilet papers in packaging that supports the new price positioning of the latter.

In the recent years, we have been observing the dynamically developing smart shopping trend, which in simple words means that the buyers are looking for high quality at good prices. The consumers’ greater awareness and the willingness to analyse and compare store offers translate to their greater requirements with respect to the product as such.

Our studies have shown that there are certain characteristics of a product for which a shopper of a toilet paper is ready to pay more (e.g. more plies), but there are also characteristics which until recently seemed attractive to the manufacturers or retailers, but in principle do not build the product value for the consumer.

Such characteristic is the print on paper. Relying on such knowledge, we lowered the price of Velvet Camomile paper to the level of its white equivalent and we have devised a campaign which will help to communicate such change in stores.

The price should not determine your choice – it is good to have both of them!

You are heartily welcome to try Velvet products.