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The Satisfaction Duo back in action!


At the beginning of July, another edition of last year’s well-known advertising campaign was launched – it was dedicated to promoting Velvet’s moist and dry toilet paper. The Satisfaction Duo in question is an excellent combination of the proven reliability of dry toilet paper with the modernity and effectiveness of moist toilet tissue.
The advertising campaign based on the Velvet Akcja communication platform has a nationwide reach and is broadcast both on TV and on digital channels such as Player.pl, TVN or VOD TVP, large horizontal portals, as well as on YouTube and in social media (Facebook).
The advert is intended to encourage consumers to try a modern and enhanced standard of hygiene and freshness every time they use the lavatory, in line with the slogan: “Try Velvet moist toilet tissue. Use it together with the dry toilet paper and dispose of it along with the dry paper.” The advertising spot, which is either 30 or 15-seconds long, emphasizes the complementarity of the two products, which can be easily disposed of by flushing them down the toilet after use.
The campaign is supplemented by promotional activities carried out at retail chains and in independent stores. Display materials about the Satisfaction Duo and other POS materials remind consumers that it is worthwhile to use both most and dry tissue as a set for complete purity and freshness.

Velvet moist toilet tissue is available in four versions tailored to the diverse needs of the customers: Camomile & Aloe Vera – designed for the comfort of the entire family, Junior – developed with the youngest users in mind, Pure – as delicate and as effective as water, and Intima – a brand-new 2-in-1 product for women.
Don’t forget to watch our Satisfaction Duo TV advert.

More information about the Satisfaction Duo: www.DuetSatysfakcja.pl