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Velvet CARE bringing help for refugees from Ukraine!


Like the entire Polish society, we are following the news on the war on the territory of Ukraine with great concern. We are aware of the fact that tens of thousands of refugees cross the Polish-Ukrainian border every day in order to find shelter for themselves and their families. The scale of needs is large and is constantly growing.

That is why Velvet CARE became actively involved in the action to help refugees – especially in the area of ​​hygiene supplies.

Due to the profile of our activity and the size of the needs, we focused on organized aid at the national level in cooperation with state institutions and local government authorities (especially in the Małopolskie and Mazowieckie voivodeships, where our company operates). We conduct local activities in the vicinity of our factory in Kluczewo , where we have been operating for 125 years and where our warehouses are located. We are in ongoing contact with the authorities of the Olkusz poviat and the Klucze commune, and bring help when it is needed.

We do not also forget that some of the employees of Velvet CARE are Ukraine citizens. We provide necessary help to them according to their individual needs. Our plan is to employ people coming from war zones in our plant, in cooperation with external agencies.

We have already carried out a number of activities and continue to bring help to those in need on an ongoing basis. We will be informing you about the details on a regular basis on our social media: Facebook and LinkedIn.