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Velvet Eco Roll – appreciated by consumers!


We care for the Planet in line with the slogan of Eco Agenda 2025 – Achieve more with less. We develop our products with nature in mind and  Velvet ecoROLL toilet paper is a perfect example of this.

Our efforts are appreciated by consumers, which makes us very happy. In the nationwide “Best Product 2022 – Consumers’ Choice” research, carried out by the GfK Polonia institute, Velvet ecoROLL toilet paper was awarded a gold medal!

You can read more about our product and the awarded prize in the cosmetic news webpages [link to article]

Velvet ecoROLL offers many ecological benefits:

  • 4 rolls of Velvet ecoROLL toilet paper is the equivalent of 8 standard rolls,
  • The Velvet ecoROLL packaging contains 28% less plastic compared to the standard product,
  • Velvet ecoROLL toilet paper rolls are very tightly wound; we can use smaller number of trucks for its transport, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 36%,
  • We use only 4 cardboard cores in the Velvet ecoROLL packaging; since the packing is also smaller compared to the one with standard toilet paper, we generate as much as 43% less waste,
  • For the production of Velvet ecoROLL paper, we only use cellulose from certified forests and controlled sources,
  • Out of concern for the environment, a secondary raw material called recyclate constitutes 30% of the Velvet ecoROLL packaging material.

Velvet EcoROLL – “just toilet paper” but so many benefits!