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Velvet Natural Comfort Cotton Pads and Cotton Buds


In January 2015, Velvet CARE made the first step towards implementation of one of the pillars of the strategy of introducing new hygiene and cosmetic categories to the market. Best cotton pads and cotton buds on the market, branded Velvet Natural Comfort, are already available in stores.


Since the moment of company’s establishment, the Management Board of Velvet CARE has always emphasized that a very important element in long-term development strategy is new category launch. The year 2014 was devoted to analysis and preparation of novelties, which will be successively introduced to the market. Since the very beginning, we have also tried to make sure that Velvet products are always of best quality.

This was also our guiding principle when introducing cotton bud and cotton pad categories.

Majority of women apply make-up every day, preparing for the new day, full of challenges. In the evening, they remove make-up, preparing their skin for well-deserved rest and regeneration. Therefore, not only proper cosmetics are necessary, but also excellent cotton pads.

We started our proposal from checking the definition of “perfect cotton pads” with our consumers. In line with their declarations*, the most important attribute include absence of layers, softness, absorption, gentleness. We addressed all of them when designing Velvet Natural Comfort cotton pads.

New Velvet cotton pads, produced from cotton in 100%, have a unique feature: sewn edges; thanks to this, they do not separate into layers; furthermore, they are absorptive and efficient in make-up removal. The slogan “soft as velvet” is demanding – thence, our cotton pads are also soft and gentle. All Velvet Natural Comfort products have been dermatologically tested; they are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Product attributes are also confirmed by consumers who took part in a consumer survey.*

Velvet cotton pads were enthusiastically received and evaluated best with respect to the competition as far as most important features in this category are concerned. As many as 82% of respondents would purchase Velvet cotton pads. This result is two times better from the leader on the market of cotton pads.

Velvet Natural Comfort cotton pads are available in packages containing 120 and 180 pieces and Velvet Natural Comfort cotton buds in a box of 200 pieces and plastic re-fill bags of 160 and 100 pieces.


You are heartily welcome to try our new products! More novelties coming soon!


*Source: quantity survey conducted by The Insiders, 203 respondents, 4 cities in Poland, 09-22.08.2014, BLIND TEST – “Blind test” of product evaluation.