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Velvet sets new quality standards in the category of tissues


In July 2018 Velvet CARE launched a completely new portfolio of Velvet hygienic and universal tissues. All Velvet tissues obtained an additional ply of softness. From now on Velvet hygiene tissues consist of 4 plies, while universal tissues of 3 plies.

The Velvet brand has been on the market for over 20 years. As a brand leader in the category of paper hygiene products, we constantly monitor the needs of our consumers and make every effort to ensure that the products of the Velvet brand meet the changing expectations of consumers and suit them.

This year, after thorough analysis of the needs and expectations of our consumers, we have decided to completely change our assortment of tissues in packs and boxes. All Velvet tissues received an additional ply of softness. Velvet tissues in packs and tissues in boxes now have 4 and 3 pliers, respectively. In addition, hygienic tissues in packs have a completely new, soft and elegant edge embossing with a delicate floral motif.

All products from the new range of Velvet tissues have a different, elegant and very diverse graphic design. The portfolio contains several thematic product lines. As for facial tissues, these are as follows: Original, Emotions and handy and compact MINIS. The range of tissues in boxes is made up of the following product lines: Dream, Paradise, Trendy and compact CUBE Style, as well as Travel Pack tissues ideal for a car.

Velvet lovers and other consumers will certainly find a product for themselves in the broad portfolio of the new Velvet tissues tailored to their needs and tastes.

Feel free to try!