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We act today with tomorrow in mind. For 25 years.


25 years of Velvet

A quarter of a century. That is how long the Velvet brand has been in business. We entered the market in 1997 and for 25 years we have put great care into providing soft, hygienic and convenient products for nearly every household in Poland. In responding to day-to-day needs in the modern world, over time, we have developed environmentally-conscious efforts that became the key indicator of Velvet’s future – all implemented and fine-tuned in line with the principle – we act today with tomorrow in mind!

The origins of Velvet

How did it all begin? Our company’s origins date back to the 19th century, when in 1897 the owner of the Klucze estate, Ludwig Mauve, and three of his associates began the construction of a paper mill. Over the years, paper products made in Klucze became increasingly popular and well-regarded not just in Europe but also worldwide. Even back then they stood out for their cleanliness and sophisticated design.

The year 1997 was doubly significant to us – it was then, on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Klucze paper mill, that we were reborn as Velvet – for velvet-like softness, known not just for the toilet paper, but also high-quality tissues, and later also for the wide range of personal and professional care products.

 Focus on growth and innovation

For many years, we have worked on improving and enhancing our products. We have invested in modern technologies that allowed us to expand our range of innovative machinery, which included commissioning a new paper machine – one of the largest and most advanced in Central and Eastern Europe. It has given our products even more softness in its purest form.

Velvet has enjoyed robust and rapid growth, which enables us to keep up with our customers’ needs. To provide them with even more convenient and refreshing products, we continue to broaden our product line, which now includes: soft cotton rounds and cotton swabs, new varieties of paper towels, innovative tissue formats, a wide range of paper towels and a novelty among personal care products – moist toilet tissue (available in 4 varieties).

Our environmental efforts

In 2020 we were faced with unexpected challenges that forced us to set new goals. For a long time now, environmental protection has been a key element of our operations so we have decided to place it at the top of our priorities. To help protect the environment, we developed our Eco Agenda 2025, which is a roadmap of our goals and ambitions for the coming years, which we have been implementing diligently. We develop our products with environmental safety in mind. It comprises five fundamental elements: protecting forest resources, recycling packaging and raw materials, mindfully using water in the production process, reducing plastic use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe we have a real impact on the environment, that’s why we act today with tomorrow in mind!

And just like that, the Velvet brand has now been around for 25 years. It has been a time filled with challenges, victories big and small, a mix of tradition and innovation, and a wealth of wonderful memories. Thank you for being with us through the years! We cannot wait to see what the coming years will bring!