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Win a teddy bear or two!


A lottery in which the participants can win fantastic prizes is organised between 18.02.2019 and 14.04.2019 in Poland! Every day, the winners receive 150 white plush and soft teddy bears!

The information about the winning is immediate: you do not have to wait and count days until the drawing of lots: you make a purchase, you register your receipt and you can check right away if you have won something!

For two months, between the middle of February and the middle of April 2019, the spring Velvet lottery takes place, where you can win fantastic prizes – white teddy bears! It is enough to buy any 8-pack of Velvet toilet paper, save your receipt and then register on the lottery’s website: www.velvetakcja.pl

There are as many as 8,400 white, plush teddy bears to be won, which means that as many as 150 of them are distributed on a daily basis. Information about the prize is immediate, it appears right after you finish your on-line registration.

Buy a roll of Velvet paper and win! You can become a teddy bear owner every 9 minutes on average during these 8 weeks!