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Empowering the Next Generation!


The second nationwide edition of the “Velvet. Piątka dla Natury” program, which was implemented during the 2022/23 school year, received an overwhelming response not only from school directors, teachers, and students, but also from parents, who actively participated in program-related activities.

In the current edition, 742 classes from primary schools throughout Poland took part. Thanks to the eco-lesson scenarios, over 13,000 students learned how to save water and how to use natural resources wisely, such as through renewable energy sources, as well as how to reduce waste by living a less/zero waste lifestyle and giving old, worn-out items a second life.

Out of several hundred entries submitted to the Eco Challenge competition, 110 winners were selected. Among the awarded were 10 classes who received the main prizes in the form of ecological installations for the school and educational trips for the whole class. Another 100 classes received material prizes in the form of educational games. Special diplomas were prepared for all classes participating in the program, and certificates were awarded to teachers.

We would like to thank all the participants of the “Velvet. Piątka dla Natury” program and congratulate the winners! We believe that good pro-ecological habits will be continued in line with the principle of “Act today with tomorrow in mind!”