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Record Result in Velvet CARE!


The new year is a time to reflect, make summaries and draw conclusions. All of this is necessary to accept new, ambitious challenges. Artur Pielak, President of the Management Board and Director General of Velvet CARE, has recapped the past year in a few words – please read it below:

‘You have to have dreams so that you can make them come true’ …, In Velvet CARE, we love challenges!

The year 2022 is behind us; it was the most difficult year in the company’s history, yet in spite of it, it was also a year of multiple successes! Using the sailing jargon, we sailed in an awful weather all year round and, on top of that, windward! There was not a single port where we could moor for a while and wait such difficult conditions through. From the beginning of January to the end of December, we had to face multiple challenges in business. It is interesting to note that these were the most difficult challenges – namely ‘external factors’ on which we had no impact or a slight one. We often say that ‘each problem is an opportunity – all you have to do is find it!’ That is why we have shown once again that the difficulties and challenges have not bent us at all, but offered additional motivation and boosted our energy to work.

 With great pride and pleasure I would like to inform you that in 2022, our revenues have exceeded the magical threshold of PLN 1 billion! This is a great success for which we have worked for almost 10 years and since the moment of establishment of Velvet CARE in 2012, our turnover has grown six times! On this historic moment, I would like to thank – first and foremost – all the employees of the company (in Poland and in Czech Republic), partners/ shareholders (the Abris Capital Partners fund), and our partners in development (especially EBRD, BNP Paribas, KPT, the District Authority in Olkusz, the Klucze Municipality, Valmet), partners in business (consumers choosing our products, commercial partners thanks to whom we can sell them, our suppliers and all the companies with which we are cooperating).

Thanks to our joint and hard work, we have scored a great success as the Velvet CARE team! Thank you! New challenges are ahead of us, and we will talk about them soon!

Artur Pielak,

President of Velvet CARE