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Velvet Excellence: New Premium Standard!


Velvet Excellence: New Premium Standard!

In August 2016, a new and unique range of toilet paper products appeared on the market: VELVET®EXCELLENCE. These are three variants dedicated to clients who are looking for top quality products. Velvet Excellence sets a new quality standard for premium toilet papers.

Consumer poll conducted by Velvet Care has shown that products for demanding clients are missing on the market. Three-ply toilet papers with print, which until recently were perceived as premium products, have nowadays become a market standard, whereas features that are more desired by this group of users are the roll size, softness and durability.

VELVET®EXCELLENCE with its three exceptional products in this category is an answer to the main needs of consumers. Gentle, elegant and comfortable to use. Their exceptional feature is a very long roll, containing as many as 200 long sheets.

VELVET®EXCELLENCE WHITE ELEGANCE: three layers of gentle tissue, responsible for optimum product durability. Elegant embossing makes it a decorative accessory in the bathroom.

VELVET®EXCELLENCE BALM: top-shelf product: the tissue is additionally covered with balm that provides unique softness of every sheet. Gentle balm scent offers comfort and gentle nourishing.

VELVET®EXCELLENCE CAMOMILLE AND ALOE: it is a product for consumers who, apart from top quality and gentleness, are also looking for colour elements. The exceptional print makes the roll look great in the bathroom and the camomile and aloe scent inspired by nature offers an impression of natural care.

The entire range of products has its export equivalents under the VELTIE® EXCELLENCE export brands.

Try the top-quality products of VELVET® and VELTIE EXCELLENCE! Available in best stores!