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10th Velvet CARE birthday.


Today a special moment has arrived for Velvet CARE – we are celebrating a significant milestone, our 10th anniversary in the market! It’s an extraordinary achievement that we are celebrating together, continuing our exciting journey in the paper making realm.

Therefore, I would like to extend my gratitude to our business partners and supporters of our company for their support and collaboration over the past 10 years. Thanks to their contribution, we have achieved our goals and can celebrate our successes.

Looking back, I recall the beginnings of Velvet CARE – we faced challenges more than once, but our path has always been filled with passion, beautiful dreams, unwavering determination, and perseverance. Despite temporary difficulties, we learned lessons from every storm and navigated forward on our chosen course, wiser and stronger, because knowledge, consistency, and courage are the keys to our success!

This was no miracle; nothing happened by chance, and nothing was given to us as a gift. It was the hard work of all our employees – those present and those who were part of this incredible history! Huge thanks to everyone who contributes to Velvet CARE now, as well as to those who laid our foundations during the times of Klucze Paper Mill, International Paper, Kimberly-Clark before 2013. To our business partners, Avallon (2013-2018), and Abris Capital Partners (since 2018), we also extend our immense appreciation and respect! Without all of you, Velvet CARE wouldn’t be where it is today and wouldn’t have further dreams for the future!

Here’s to wishing ourselves more fantastic jubilees, filled with joy, fulfillment, and inspiration, as together we co-create this wonderful history.

With warm regards,

Artur Pielak